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Maarten De Roeck



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Lead Designer

Some things are so nice you do them twice. Maarten De Roeck, for example, joined In The Pocket as an intern ten years ago, then came right back for more. Today, he is our product design lead.

Maarten studied Devine (digital design and development) at HoWest when Flash was still cool. It was the dawn of the mobile era, and In The Pocket was barely more than a few talented people at a kitchen table. “I still remember my first day like it was yesterday,” he reminisces, “They were different times back then. When you work for a startup, all roles tend to blend together, at least to some extent.”

“Today,” he continues, “we’ve incorporated and reiterated important processes that allow us to offer superior quality to our customers. Vision and continuous improvement are key.”

Maarten’s job is as multifaceted as it is inspiring. Here are just a few of his key responsibilities:

The design team creates products from four distinct perspectives: strategic, interaction, visual, and technical design.

“For me, the most important thing is that I can still get down in the trenches. I still actively design, get to express myself creatively, and it helps me to remain vigilant about the day-to-day struggles of the modern designer.”

To think Maarten’s journey started with a team of nine people, working on projects like the VRT news app, VT4 summer terrace, the first Showpad website, the In The Pocket website and Studio Brussel’s Music for Life app. What a ride!

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