Catching up with former dev intern Lukas


Lukas Cornille



Type of internship:

Developer (Team Nebula)

Time of internship:

10/02/2020 - 15/04/2020

Current position:

Full-stack developer

Lukas is just one of the many great interns that stuck around after spending a couple of months with us. He graduated from HoWest in Bruges as a software engineer and chose for an internship at In The Pocket after hearing about the company through his cousin.

“When I first visited the ITP website, I immediately recognized that it was a very ambitious and professional company. I was looking for an internship where I could learn a lot in a vibrant atmosphere. The many prestigious projects on the ITP website were a great indicator that I’d be learning heaps. The lunch talks and the team atmosphere confirmed that I’d be having a great time as well.”

Lukas’ first day went a little like this:

  1. He received a warm welcome by Lieselot, our office manager
  2. He was then introduced to Jonas, his internship mentor
  3. The IT department had a laptop at the ready and gave a quick walk-through of the setup and important tools
  4. Lukas was invited to a team lunch for a fun get-to-know-you
  5. After lunch, all systems were go and he started working on his first project

“I started working on the frontend of ITP’s tech radar. Then I did backend work for Modulair and finished with a full-stack assignment for KBC-VINCDR. Once I graduated and I was hired, I started working on a project for a large manufacturing company as a backend developer and this month I’m going fullstack again. What a life!”

“My job now doesn’t feel that different from my internship. I felt like I was part of the team from day one.”

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