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Get a taste of life at In The Pocket

Freshly graduated and ready to get your career started? Or looking for a summer job?  Join us at NXT.UP and get an exclusive look behind the scenes of one of Europe’s coolest digital product studios. A nice and easy way to expand your horizon and to take your first steps in your career. No strings attached.

What do we have in store for you?

  • Gain full insight on who we are and how we organise as a company
  • Check out the projects we’re working on
  • Find out how you can grow your future career
  • Get your resume or portfolio reviewed by our experts
  • Grab a beer and enjoy a slice of pizza

Getting excited already? Come and say hi to our colleagues in Ghent, Antwerp & Leuven and ask them anything you always wanted to know about creating top-class digital products.

Why join?

At NXT.UP, the people of In The Pocket will show you what it’s like to work at Belgium’s finest digital product studio. Every day, our people work hard to shape tomorrow’s digital landscape. Really! Millions of people use our digital products to pay, travel, connect with friends or read the news.

NXT.UP is a perfect opportunity to discover the ins and outs of life as a developer, designer, strategist, IT'er or marketeer.

And who knows? Maybe you’ll become part of our team someday!


16:30  Doors

17:00 Welcome

Meet In The Pocket and keep up with the digital trends.

17:15 Experience the ITP life

Get to know In The Pocket and discover what it's like to intern or work at Europe's best digital product studio.

17:30 Discover the ITP Way

Gain full insight in how we organise as a company. We'll introduce you to the principles that shape & mould the way we build digital products at In The Pocket. You'll also discover the technology choices we’ve made as a company and why we’ve made them.

18:00 Professional Development at ITP

Get insights in our Career Development Framework and listen to some inspiring career path stories from colleagues on how they grew in their role. 

18:30 The Generative AI  Landscape

The field of generative AI has seen tremendous progress in recent years, with new models and techniques constantly emerging. In this talk, we will explore the current landscape of generative AI, including the different types of models and their applications, the challenges, and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. You'll also discover how we use Generative AI in product development & design.

19:00 Resume, code & porftolio review

Get your resume, porfolio or code reviewed by our experts and discover what a typical day looks like for our software engineers, product designers, strategists, marketeers, HR or finance officers. 

19:15 Beats, beer & pizza

Talk to the people that actually work there, ask all your questions whilst enjoying pizza, drinks and live mixtape of one of our resident DJ's. 

Stay one step ahead!

Are you’re ready to roll with us? Or just want to get a taste of life at In The Pocket? Grab your spot at NXT.UP today!